"Amaretti" of Mombaruzzo

"Amaretti" di Mombaruzzo


The story of the "amaretti" (a kind of macaroon) of Mombaruzzo started in the late 18C, when Francesco Moriondo of Mombaruzzo, a treasurer at the royal estate at Venaria, fell in love with a Sicilian girl employed there as a pastry cook. One of her best recipes was for an almond cake.

Retiring from his royal post, Francesco Moriondo returned to Mombaruzzo, where he and his wife opened a small pastry shop where they made and sold the first amaretti. The cakes acquired their name from the local people, who said they were delicious with just a touch of bitterness - a little "amaretti"!

Francesco Moriondo created this wonderful confectionery by adding a certain proportion of apricot and peach kernels to the mixture, and it is this ingredient which gives the Mombaruzzo amaretti their mouth-watering hint of bitterness.

They soon became a great success, winning many awards and gold medals, including MILAN 1881, NAPLES 1882, TURIN 1884 and ROME 1887-1895.

In 2016 the business's new owners Alessandro Lacqua and his partner Egle Orsi fell in love with the art of making amaretti, and decided to introduce new varieties alongside the traditional type, including the Dolce Nocciola, awarded the prize for Italy's best hazelnut pastry in 2011. Mombaruzzo amaretti are produced without flour, with carefully sourced raw materials, and made daily to guarantee that the product is absolutely fresh.

CURIOUS FACT: the recipe for Mombaruzzo amaretti was never written down but was jealously guarded and passed on down the generations of the Moriondo family. Alessandro only obtained it through his friendship with Mario Pessini, who not only gave him the recipe but also taught him all the small touches of magic required to achieve excellence in every craft.

Address: Via Saracco, 15 - 14046, Mombaruzzo - ASTI

VISITING HOURS: tuesday - sunday 8.00-19.00; monday closed.
Visits to the production facility with tasting sessions can be booked. Amaretti are not produced at weekends.
Reservation required at Agriturismo Bastian.


The master bakers used to make this soft, golden pastry, sweet and a little bitter (or "duss en poc meiret" in the local dialect, leading to the name "Amaretto") for the local aristocracy, who used to give it to their guests, friends and relatives from neighbouring towns on important occasions. In 1955, in this rather magical location not far from Asti, Franco Vicenzi followed his dream and started production in a small workshop of just a few square metres.

Years and generations have passed, and the small pastry shop has now become a modern business, although it still keeps faith with its founder's values. Our Amaretti Morbidi with their unique flavour are a little masterpiece of Piedmont confectionery, made special by our secret ingredient: the passion we put into making them.

VISITING HOURS: monday-friday from 9.30 to 12 andfrom 14.30 to 17, saturday and sunday from 9.30 to 12 and from 14.30 to 18.30 - Amaretti are not produced at weekends.
The meeting lasts one hour and for those who wish it will be possible to taste our amaretti accompanying them with a cup of Moscato d'Asti DOCG.

The store is open every day:
Monday and Tuesday from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 14 to 17.30;
From Wednesday to Sunday from 9 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 19.
A telephone notice or an email is welcome.
Visits can also be conducted in English.
Reservation required at Agriturismo Bastian.

Cav. Vincenzi Pasticceria dal 1955
Franco Vicenzi srl - Via Acqui, 46 - 14046 - Mombaruzzo (Asti)