The Underground Cathedrals of Canelli

The Underground Cathedrals of Canelli

The underground cathedrals are the historic wine cellars at Canelli, about 19 km from the Agriturismo. They were dug into the tufa rock in past centuries, reaching up to 32 metres underground, and run for more than 20 kilometres underneath the entire town and the surrounding hills. They are known as cathedrals because they create striking, surreal chambers and are real masterpieces of engineering and wine-making architecture. In them, thousands of bottles of fine wine are left to ferment at the constant temperature of 12-14 degrees, acquiring the typical flavour and bouquet of Asti spumante and Canelli wine, in chambers with brick vault ceilings that date back to the early 19C.

They were recently added to the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites, as unique and not found anywhere else in the world, as part of the 50th site, the Wine-Growing Landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato. Many of the cathedrals are open to the public, starting with the Bosca and Gancia wineries, which created Italy's first sparkling wine in 1865, as well as the Coppo Contratto wineries. The wine-growing heritage consists not only of the cellars but also of the area's enchanting grape-producing landscapes, its pristine valleys, its vineyards in bloom, its historic wells, its look-out towers, its lovely little churches and many other rural legacy features.

Bosca Cellars
A visit to Bosca is no ordinary winery visit. You enter the Underground Cathedrals, the historic place where the most precious of sparkling wines rests: the Metodo Classico. The tour takes place through a path of multimedia content that helps you understand the significance that these cellars have and have had over the centuries, for the winery and for the entire community of Canelli. At the end of the guided tour, there will be a small tasting. Should you be interested in a more in-depth tasting, you can request this when booking or on site.
Classic Tour: Duration 45' - 2 tastings at € 20.00 per person.

Contratto Cellars
Discover the historic Cantina Contratto and the Alta Langa sparkling wines. Choose the experience that suits you best and learn about the story behind each bottle.
Classic Tour: 2-hour duration with 4 tastings of typical products at € 50,00 per person.
Vermouth & Spirits Tour: 30-minute duration with 3 tastings and a cocktail at € 30,00 per person.

Coppo Cellars
The cantina tours, divided into seven different experiences, showcase the history and production of the company with in-depth information on the Piemonte grape varieties. There are three different tour options available:
Classic Tour: 1 hour and 15 minutes duration with 4 tastings at € 30,00 per person;
Premium Tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes duration with 5 tastings at € 50,00 per person;
Nizza Tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes duration with 4 tastings of Nizza at a cost of € 65.00 per person.

Cantine Gancia
The Gancia Cellars offers a fascinating underground tour that retraces the history of Italian sparkling wine through the Gancia archives, the historic brand that holds the primacy of the bubbles "made in Italy".

Reservation required at Agriturismo Bastian.