Apicoltura Scoviglio

Beekeeping Scoviglio

My name's Monica, I was born in Genoa in 1968, and in the '90s I started to keep bees as a hobby, attending a beekeeping course.

Then my passion for bees grew and I decided to make a business of it, founding the "Apicoltura Scoviglio" honey farm.

I've gradually increased my small business and I currently have about a hundred hives, producing five types of honey: cherry, acacia, chestnut, wildflower and honeydew, the sugary substance produced by some insects, which bees transform with their enzymes into Honeydew Honey, very rich in mineral salts.

I process my honey using traditional hand techniques without pasteurisation, to maintain all its sensory characteristics intact.

What's more, I also collect wax, propolis and pollen, all very important products gifted to us, like honey, by our beloved bees.

I've also been partnering a local vinegar maker since 2018 in the production of honey vinegar, made by fermenting honey sourced only from my farm.

The best time to experience my world is from April to September! Visitors to my farm can learn more about the natural universe of which it is a part, also through the "Fattoria Didattica" educational project, which offers fascinating, fun activities for all ages!

Reservation required at Agriturismo Bastian.

Apicoltura Scoviglio
Via Bordina, 6 - 14046 - Mombaruzzo (Asti)