The Big Benches

The Big Benches

It all began with the Big Benches by Chris Bangle, which have now become a major attraction of the Upper Langhe and Monferrato districts. The first Big Bench with this distinctive design was created by Chris Bangle in 2010 on land at Borgata, Clavesana, where he lived and worked. The idea of out-of-scale benches is not new, but the context is. The change in perspective provided by the size of the bench makes anyone sitting on it feel like a child, able to wonder at the beauty of the landscape through new eyes.

During the last few years, additional official benches have been built in nearby areas, and beyond Piedmont's borders. The artist's only request was that the big benches should be in panoramic locations, on land accessible to the public, and should retain the spirit of sharing intrinsic to the first one: not a private installation, but part of a collective experience, open to everyone who lives in or visits the area.

This aquamarine one, belonging to Fontanile Town Council, was installed in 2016 in association with several people who believe in our beloved district.

It is along a wine tourism route promoted by the "Astesana Strada del Vino" association, focusing on Brachetto wine, and is in a spectacular site on a piece of land belonging to a winery, in the shade of three oak trees, surrounded by vineyards, nature and peace and quiet. The method chosen to encourage tourists to visit them all is quite original. Every bench has links to one or more businesses where visitors can buy the passport, costing just a few Euros, and have it stamped with the special rubber stamp for each bench.

If you come to visit us, remember to drop by the Fontanile Big Bench for your stamp.