The Distilleries in Monferrato

Berta Distillery

Casalotto near Mombaruzzo, a small hill village near Asti, is famous not only for its "amaretti" macaroons but also for its excellent wines. This is the home of Distillerie Berta, world famous for its grappa spirits and a leader in the Italian industry.

The Berta family has been making grappa for four generations and it is the perfect example of an Italian business that has combined the use of the most modern technologies with all the wisdom of the rural tradition.

To ensure an exquisite product, quality has been a key priority of the company ever since its foundation in 1947 by Paolo Berta.

Aware that a genuine flavour alone would not be enough for true success, he also began to pay more attention to presentation, distributing his grappas in special bottles made from unusual materials such as pottery and crystal. And this strategy paid off. Nowadays, Berta grappa is exported to more than sixty countries worldwide.

The finest aquavit produced by the distillation phase is aged in oak casks which enhance its distinctive sensory characteristics, and it is then bottled after an appropriate period of time.

Some names of the historic distillery's most important grappas:
Grappa Monprà Berta Tre Soli - Tre Bric del Gaian - Grappa Elisi Barrique - Solo PerGian

Visit to the Distilleries & Tasting: every day by reservation, duration 1 hour, free of charge.
Morning 9:00 - 11:00 / Afternoon 14:00 - 17:00
Bertanic, Berta's Pic: Visit to the cellars, to the alembic museum, picnic in the naturalistic park choosing the basket you like best, tasting of grappa, liqueurs and amaretti.
From May to September from Thursday to Monday from 11:00, duration about 4 hours, price based on the basket chosen.
Distilleria Berta - Via Guasti, 34/36 - Frazione Casalotto, 14056 Mombaruzzo (AT)
Tel.: +39 0141 739528 - Fax: +39 0141 739531 - Mail: